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    Google 30, Sep 2021

    Google’s Silent September Update Continues to Make Noise

    For the most part, Google is not particularly renowned for announcing its algorithm updates with much fanfare. Significant changes to Google’s primary search algorithm are almost always rolled out silently, resulting in an influx of chatter and cries for help from webmasters. Hence, what may o ... Read More

    Weak Link 28, Sep 2021

    Should You Disavow Unhelpful Backlinks?


    There has been much chatter over recent months as to whether or not it is a good idea to disavow backlinks; when conducting a backlink audit, you will inevitably come across links to your pages that are questionable at best. The most sensible thing to do is to get rid of them, but as it is not a ... Read More

    Core Web Vitals Audit Workflow Recommended by Google 12, Sep 2021

    Core Web Vitals Audit Workflow Recommended by Google

    All over the world webmasters and online business owners are trying to figure out how to measure, optimise and report on the new metrics associated with Core Web Vitals. It has become a popular debate on social media, with developers having come up with their own unique ways of auditing Core Web Vi ... Read More

    Internal Linking 08, Sep 2021

    Adjusting the Placement of Links on a Page Doesn’t Affect SEO


    John Mueller of Google fame has taken to twitter to put to bed a long standing SEO debate; Mr. Mueller was responding to a question regarding the potential value of simply adjusting the placement of a link within the same page. He confirmed that it makes no difference whatsoever. "I wouldn't ... Read More

    Mobile First Indexing Still a Work in Progress at Google 06, Sep 2021

    Mobile First Indexing Still a Work in Progress at Google

    Google’s shift to mobile-first indexing has been something of a foregone conclusion for several years, we all knew it was coming but it was not until February this year that the company formally confirmed its rollout. At least, in the sense that Google’s John Mueller stated on Twitter that t ... Read More

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