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    Google Update 15, Oct 2021

    Has Google Rolled Out Another Major Late-September Update?


    All indications on social media point to something going on behind the scenes at Google. Some people are hanging onto hope that it is all some kind of test, temporary fluctuation or anomaly. Elsewhere, most SEOs are now firmly convinced a major search ranking algorithm update has taken place. Mo ... Read More

    HTML Title Tags Now Used by Google 13, Oct 2021

    HTML Title Tags Now Used by Google 87% of the Time


    There has been much chatter as of late regarding the extent to which Google’s recent title/header change is a game changer. John Mueller has already gone on record to clarify a few points of contention, while Google has now confirmed that it uses HTML title tags 87% of the time. This mean ... Read More

    Google My Business 09, Oct 2021

    Site Manager User Role Disappears from Google My Business

    Google has taken upon itself to remove the ‘Site Manager’ level of user rights within Google My Business. Previously one of the three roles that could be assigned to a Google My Business user, Site Manager has disappeared and been replaced with ‘Manager’. Previously, the three options av ... Read More

    Confirmed: Choice of WordPress Theme is an SEO Ranking Factor 07, Oct 2021

    Confirmed: Choice of WordPress Theme is an SEO Ranking Factor


    It has long been suspected that by choosing one WordPress theme over another, your site’s SEO performance could be affected. SEOs and webmaster shave long spoken of switching WordPress themes having a significant impact on their SERP rankings. The whole thing has been confirmed by Google's Joh ... Read More

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire an SEO 03, Oct 2021

    Much Does It Cost to Hire an SEO?


    At the risk of jumping straight to the conclusion, the answer depends on a multitude of factors. The market for professional SEO services in the UK is enormous and brands and businesses of all sizes are turning to freelancers, contractors and established SEO agencies to help them climb the ranki ... Read More

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