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    Google 22, Jun 2022

    Google Explains Its Stance on SEO Metrics…Sort Of

    The debate regarding which SEO metrics are worth focusing on has raged for years, and will no doubt continue to rage indefinitely. SEOs are constantly quarrelling over SEO metrics that are meaningful or otherwise, often putting their faith in third-party tools and checklists to assess their perform ... Read More

    Microsites 20, Jun 2022

    Microsites: A Blessing or a Curse?

    Microsites have long been a trusted SEO go-to for brands and businesses looking to drive highly targeted traffic to their pages. Approached strategically, the development and use of microsites can indeed be effective. For example, if your business is spread across a series of different locations ... Read More

    Google Business Profile 24, May 2022

    Why Your Google Business Profile Has Been Suspended


    Claiming your business on Google Maps and setting up a full Google Business Profile is a must. If you want to appear prominently in Google’s local search rankings and have any chance of reaching your target audience, it is something you need to do...period. All well and good, but what happens ... Read More

    Alt Text a Factor for Image Search Only 04, May 2022

    Alt Text a Factor for Image Search Only, Google Confirms

    John Mueller has attempted to quell any remaining confusion regarding how Google factors alt text into its SERP ranking decisions. Specifically, Mr Mueller stated that alt text should be used purely with accessibility in mind, with image search SEO as a secondary point of importance. Perhaps mor ... Read More

    Google EAT 28, Apr 2022

    Is Google EATing Up Your Site’s Content?

    Google has never shied away from its preference for content that comes from sites and sources of genuine authority. In SEO stakes, nothing gets the job done better than a publisher that demonstrates an advanced level of expertise, authority and trust – aka E-A-T. All simple enough on paper, bu ... Read More

    hreflang 15, Apr 2022

    Confirmed: Hreflang Has No Influence on SERP Position


    If you run a website with content in a variety of languages, getting to grips with the basics of the hreflang attribute is essential. A fairly simple HTML attribute, the use and importance of hreflang is often overlooked by multi-language website owners. But when it comes to SEO, things are not ... Read More



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