We have provided answers to the most popular questions asked regarding the services we offer. We hope these answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Should you not find the answer you require, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team by phone or email.

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Q. Will I own the work that you do for my website?
A. Yes. All the SEO techniques and amendments that iConquer implement on your website will belong to you.

Q. Do you have long term contracts?
A. No. We keep our clients because we are successful in what we do and our clients choose to stay with us. We have a short agreed time agreed from the start that is realistic for us to deliver results for the SEO to show you value in being a iConquer client.

Q. When doing my website and admin panel will I own the ‘Whole’ website?
A. Yes. You own all website design works no matter what form it is. If we provide admin panels, design artwork, etc. you are the owner from day one.

Q. If my website has a penalty can you still promote it to page one Google?
A. Yes. We have removed Google penalties from websites and got the penalised website to rank page one on Google again.

Q. Do you offer any guarantee to ensure my website is not penalised for the works you have done?
A. Yes. If we are responsible for causing a Google penalty we will work at no cost to remove the penalty and we will work for a further three months at no cost until we get your website ranking in Google.

Q. What if you do not achieve any results for the SEO campaign?
A. If you do not see any improvement at all on any of your selected key phrases iConquer will give you a full refund on all monies spent. All SEO campaigns we work on show improvements in rankings on Google.

Q. Do you help with providing content for my web pages?
A. Yes. We have professional writers that will research your industry and provide Google friendly optimised narrative for your website at an agreed price.