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Affiliate Marketing

Risk free sales growth opportunities to increase sales growth for your business. Create various revenue streams using the iConquer network saving you time and money!

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Has your business reached its saturation or maturity and you are looking to diversify your revenue streams or just develop additional profit streams?

Are you looking for strategies to increase your sales and profits, through the development of an e-commerce or the augmentation your existing e-commerce platforms?

iConquer provides opportunities to businesses of all sizes to take a risk-free approach to increasing their sales revenue and profits growth. With the use of innovative technologies and affiliate marketing strategies we do the leg work on your behalf to encourage sales and profit growth. At iConquer we form long term relationships with our clients that are aimed at achieving substantial sales and profit growth via various revenue streams.

Affiliate Marketing

Payments are based on measurable performance

Through a commission only or monthly structured agreement we work with you to continuously break the barriers increasing visibility online to improve on your previously acquired sales figures.

So what is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy used by businesses to produce more leads or sales by rewarding an affiliate marketer commission for each customer brought to the business by an affiliate’s form of marketing choice.

Our affiliate marketing service provides you a unique opportunity to market your products and services online effectively unlike other Internet marketing services. We have been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years and have through this time perfected a service for any business looking to affiliate with us.

Reasons to Choose Us

There are a number of reasons to choose our affiliate marketing service, some of which can be seen below:

Risk free sales and profit growth

Our affiliate marketing service provides a performance based commission model to provide payment for our service, which means you only pay for the results agreed when you join us. Our unique service allows your business to get the sales first and then pay us after, thus making it a risk free partnership. We have faith in our tools to deliver the goods hence we are able to offer risk free sales growth.

High Quality Content

The content we provide for each website we create for our multiple industry related satellite websites is of high quality. Every piece of content created is first researched to ensure all the buzz words are including to ensure the content outweighs the quality of the competition that are not in the know. Our content is optimised, relevant and provides useful information for anyone looking for your products or services.

Professional Website Design Services

The designs we use for each of our websites are professionally designed and developed to provide a clean, easy to navigate websites that can be accessed by any device using response design. So whether the user is on a computer, tablet or mobile we will maximise conversions. All our websites are optimised having the infrastructures to compete in organic search having researched all the best key phrases relative to specific industries online. Whether you sell products and require optimised ecommerce solutions or offer services and need just a basic platform we put in the leg work to get maximum performance out of the websites promoted for your business.

Effective Online Marketing through Effective SEO Strategies

Our team of optimisers and marketing experts have been in the SEO industry for many years, which provides each of our websites created the perfect opportunity to appear in the top pages of Google’s search results for targeted keywords. We cover every aspect involved within a website design to ensure our websites are equipped with the right tools to compete on page one in the organic search results on majority of search engines. Researching the best key phrases is paramount ensuring our sites are search friendly and convert well.

Thorough Customer Metrics Analysis

To provide the best results from our websites we carry out a thorough analysis into the customers who would be interested in your products or services. The results we collate from the analysis will then be used to provide the end user a good experience,increasingpossibilities that our multiple satellites create new sales or leads for your business. There are many factors taken into account to ensure we are one step ahead of the competition.

How will iConquer help your Business?

iConquer use only trusted partners whilst benefitting from years of professional business acumen, iConquer is equipped to help your company achieve unprecedented success which will reflect in the sales growth your company achieves. We ensure your company remains profitable in order for us to maintain a long lasting commercial partnership that is beneficial to both parties with the mind-set to obtain long term relationships. Our services cover business planning and research to strengthen online presence and create revenue streams for websites.