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Brand Reputation Management

Let people only find positive feedback about your business on the internet using our global network to dominate the search results of the front pages on search engines.

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Controlling your brand online is important as without having a strong and well respected brand, you are less likely to convert potential clients into paying customers. Due to the many ways people are now able to review a business, it has never been more crucial that your brand reputation is managed ensuring you have positive reviews when people search for comments relating to your business name.

How we can improve your Brand’s Reputation

brand-reputationIf you are concerned about your brand reputation online and would like to improve it, we can help you build a stronger online presence for your brand through a range of strategies. A few techniques we use are:

Dominate Search Results

We have access to a quality network that we use to promote listings to page one search results for your company name. We use existing websites we own that are up and running or we create new sites depending on the severity of the brand reputation we have to control. It is important that when a user types your business name or website URL into Google search, that they see positive feedback or news about your company. We also use social media profiles, top review sites and profiles on themed websites to get the visibility needed for your brand.

Improve Social Presence

By using social media to interact with your customers can be a comforting for those who are yet to use your business and can result in top rankings for your brand when searches are done on Google. Should you receive any negative feedback through your social profiles it is important that you handle the negativity correctly so others know that you care about those who use your services.

Handle Negative Comments Correctly

There are ways to handle negative feedback to sway the potential clients in your favour. You can choose to reply to the person in public so others can see how you handled the negative feedback or could get Google to remove the defamatory content depends entirely on the way the info has been put online.