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PPC Marketing

You can have your adverts appear instantly and start getting targeted traffic the same day. Cut costs by ensuring your website is well optimised and the landing pages are geared up to convert the traffic into a sale.

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Get a PPC campaign setup and managed by an experienced PPC professional. Our PPC campaigns will ensure you are on the first page of your chosen search engine for keywords which are relative to your target audience. We will help you select the best search terms for your business.

What is PPC?

Pay Per ClickPPC (Pay Per Click) allows your company to advertise on page one on popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! Although websites do appear in organic results for free when having a successful SEO campaign delivered, to get there instantly and to ensure you remain there requires a PPC campaign to be implemented.

PPC can be an effective way of generating good volumes of visits to your website depending on your budget and the keywords you target. To ensure this is all done correctly and cost effectively, it is advised a PPC professional is employed to set up your campaign and manage it through to ensure you do not lose any traffic or suffer a huge bill produced by unnecessary clicks and poorly written adverts.

Google AdWords

Google allows companies to advertise through Google AdWords, which over the years has vastly become many companies favourite go-to service to generate traffic to their website. Many website owners are able to put together a basic PPC campaign but do not realise the vast number of tools available to put together an effective PPC campaign that could save you money in the long run.

We are able to produce a comprehensive PPC campaign through Google AdWords which will not only generate more traffic to your website, but will also attract the right sort of visitors to your website who are likely to be interested in your company and what you have available. We do this through extensive research on the key phrases relative to your business that are likely to convert the traffic into sales.

Bing & Yahoo! Ads

Bing & Yahoo! also offer a similar service to Google AdWords which allows your business to promote its website through their search results. Due to the lower competition through Bing & Yahoo! Ads there is a lower cost per click than Google AdWords spend.

Although traffic levels are a lot lower many clients like to corner the market and ensure they have visibility on all major search engines.

Why You Will Benefit

You will benefit from our professional PPC marketing service as we are able to ensure you have a high quality pay per click campaign produced for whichever search engine you choose to target.  Our PPC professionals are highly experienced in producing campaigns and will work with you to ensure you are receiving the best ROI from your campaign. You are able to gage the success relatively quickly as the adverts are instant and analytical data allows you to monitor your spend compared to sale conversions.