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Social Media Marketing

Use the right social media platforms for your business. Some social media sites are not as relevant as others to engage in the right clientele for your business. We can help you target the right audience using social media.

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Since Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ have become more popular, businesses have taken to adding social media marketing to their online marketing strategy. Although it can be a time consuming aspect of any online marketing strategy, when done correctly it can have a huge impact on how your business attracts potential customers.
This is due to social giving businesses the ability to discuss their products and services, special offers, issues, complaints, etc. all online for other customers to see. This can help give customers more trust into your business and persuade them to use you as opposed to the competition that may not have a social media presence.

Social Media Platforms Available

Social Media Marketing
There are many social media platforms available to be used however there are a few which are more popular choices amongst businesses. These websites include:


Facebook has been a popular social media website for many years now and as time progresses, so does the offerings available to businesses. Businesses are able to create a business page with relevant information available and are able to update it regularly with status updates to keep your followers up-to-date about your products or services and special offers.


Although Twitter restricts the amount of characters that can be used in a tweet, this hasn’t stopped many businesses using Twitter. By setting up a business profile on Twitter and tweeting regularly, Twitter can become a fundamental part of your businesses online marketing strategy when done correctly.


Google+ is Google’s very own social media website and has increasingly become a popular social media website with many people moving from Facebook and Twitter due to the offerings available on their platform. By setting up a Google+ business page you are able to share any information such as text updates, links, images and video to your followers and communicate with them directly.


Videos are an ever popular method of marketing which is why it is important for any business with videos available to have them published on YouTube. As the Internets number 1 video hosting platform, should your videos be visible for relevant search terms your videos could be the reason someone comes to your business over your competition.


Although LinkedIn is primarily for business to business communication as opposed to communicating with consumers, it is a platform which can bring in customers depending on the type of business you are in. LinkedIn allows your business to set up a business page which can be updated regularly with new information such as new blog posts and can improve your online visibility fora targeted audience.