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Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to provide all the information on your business to convert a visitor into a paying customer.

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Although you may already have this information available on your website statistics prove that users are more likely to watch a video about your product or services than they are to read about it.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Although video marketing can be a costly exercise depending on the quality you wish to aim for, it can bring many benefits with it. A few benefits that video marketing can provide are:

  • Improve the user engagement on your website
  • Improve the awareness of your brand
  • Improve your web pages visibility in search engines
  • Improve conversions
  • Encourage people to link to your website
  • Keeping people on your website for longer periods of time
  • Reach a large audience at an affordable cost

How does a Video Improve a Web Pages Visibility in Search Engines?

Search engines are more likely to display videos in the results these days so having a video on your site is an advantage. This is due to a rich snippet update made by Google that enabled websites to display extra info with their search result snippet such as video thumbnails, 5 star ratings and author information.

Video Marketing

By ensuring your videos on your website are optimised correctly using the techniques provided by Google, you are more likely to stand out in the search results. It is important that the right techniques are carried out correctly to give your website a better chance at showing up in the search results.

How does a Video Improve User Engagement on a Website?

By having someone click play on a video on your website, you have already got your user engaged. There are techniques used to entice the searcher to make contact such as encouraging the visitor to fill in a contact form or to pick up the phone and give you a call by displaying your telephone number.

By having a professional web video company produce a video for you gives a better chance of getting the right message to your users. By opting for a cheaper alternative you are likely to have a much lower chance of increasing your conversions.