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    Ace All Things

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    The Brief

    We were approached to design a vibrant logo for a new venture. The new launch was to be a platform that provided the best deals for most products online, competing with Amazon type sites. The ‘Ace All Things’ concept was a grand idea and the logo was a pleasure working on with the client. With the client not sure on exactly what they wanted, they did know they wanted something ‘vibrant’ that stood out. the challenge was slightly daunting at first but we got there in the end.

    • Ace All Things 1
    • Ace All Things 2
    • Ace All Things 3
    • Work done included:
    • provided a selection of font types for the client to select various options
    • provided a selection of images that could relate to the brand name
    • worked with an artist to design a pattern that worked well with the icon
    • provided various design elements to select the best from each
    • redesigned and provided alternative design options
    • different designs of the selected icons were provided to choose best elements
    • client had constructive feedback to help balance the logo beautifully

    A vibrant logo that stands out compared to your usual ‘run of the mill’ logo. The client is very happy with the result and we provided in all forms of files suited for any digital marketing campaign. we ACED it! The client had unique ideas and artistic flair, which helped get the best result



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