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Use an SEO consultant that lives and breathes SEO. To be on the button when it comes to the latest Google updates and knowing what balance to have in place on your web pages takes much time, enthusiasm and dedication.

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If you have your own technical team available but feel as though their SEO knowledge could be better, our SEO consultancy service will provide your technical team with the guidance necessary to get the most out of any website you have them work on. We have provided SEO consultants to many businesses who have managed to improve the efficiency of their technical team having got their website improved search engine rankings.

What’s the Difference between SEO Consultancy and SEO Training?

SEO consultancy is an ongoing process using a SEO consultant to assist whenever you need to query anything relative to website optimisation, whilst SEO training is a one off class being taught the SEO techniques you have sought after. With our SEO consultancy you will not only be trained up on how to improve a websites search engine rankings, but we will also provide you with regular feedback on what can be done to further improve your websites SEO, as well as receive updates on any new SEO techniques that get introduced by search engines like Google.

What Our SEO Consultants Provide

To ensure you or your technical team are provided efficient understanding of the SEO process, we will provide the following:
SEO Consultant

  • Assistance with analysing and identifying the best keywords to target for your websites SEO campaign
  • An in-depth SEO audit which will detail all the onsite SEO issues which must be fixed and we will advise on how these issues can be dealt with (coding, headers, folder structures, content )
  • Advice on how you should optimise the content on your website for your targeted keywords
  • Assistance with identifying the best websites to link from to your website
  • Benchmark ranking report to show you where your website currently ranks on Google
  • Google analytics setup to monitor traffic levels and website behaviour
  • Google webmaster account setup

How Much Time Does SEO Consultancy Require?

SEO consultancy takes as much time as needed to ensure you or your technical team are fully capable of improving your website to page 1 on any search engine of your choice. Although there is plenty of information available on the Internet about SEO, our hands on experience in working on many different industries enables our team to solve many different SEO issues.

Our team look forward to hearing from you and ready to help where we can.