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Content Analysis

Content is King! Engage your potential customers landing on your website by providing an informative read and make search engines love your content and want to promote it to their audience.

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Why is Content Analysis Important?

Content remains the biggest aspect of website optimisation and is one of the main driving factors that determine ranking position and success in organic search with latest Google updates.

Analysing your content to determine the quality and identifying how the content can be improved will go a long way to giving your website a better chance of ranking on page one Google.
Content Analysis
There are many factors to consider when doing a content analysis. Checks carried out are uniqueness, grammar quality, keyword integration and associated terms that should be used to give more weight to the narrative. By judging and amending your content after analysing the aforementioned criteria you can out rank the competition.

Quality over Quantity

The more content your site had the better along with mentioning the targeted key phrases as much as possible was ‘old school’ practice. Nowadays this can lead to repetition and be classed as over optimising and according to Google’s recent Panda updates.

By sticking to quality content; informative and factual information that your consumers and visitors will want to digest, you provide a better user experience to the visitor and will help maintain a higher level of quality in your text which will benefit your ranking in organic search results.

A few tips to improve content quality is below:

Improving your Content

One of the first things you need to be sure of is whether your content is original and unique or if it is duplicated elsewhere. Duplication issues arise on your own websites pages (internal) or on other websites (external content duplication). There are tools available to help identify which sites hold the sites other sites on the internet host the same content as your website such as Copyscape; and to check your own website pages, such as Siteliner.  Should any of these arise, then amending or having the conflicting content removed is a priority to ensure your narrative is unique.

Ensure that the keywords you have researched are visible and added within your page copy. It is not necessary to focus on purely mentioning the keywords on mass occasions as Google’s updates allow for this and mentioning key phrases too many times can work against you.  It’s an old technique in the realm of SEO and one that can probably be more harmful than good nowadays. Compliment further by taking note of associated and prompted words by Google and add the relevant phrases you research within your text where applicable. This leads to great content relevancy and will assist with your web page being picked up for variations of the main key phrases.

Your content can be used to link to other web pages in your site strengthening your internal linking strategy. Linking between pages now and again with relevant phrases or segments of texts to help your users browse and navigate your site more easily can lead to greater user experience, site interaction and strengthen the overall SEO score for your website.

Formatting your text by using bold, italic and underlined text is good to highlight key statements or points that you want your readers to take note of. Be sure to use this approach subtly and avoid over-use just for the sake of doing so to enhance page optimisation.

Be sure to segregate your content into sections with the use of headings to improve the flow of the content and to give a more structured and easier read for your viewers.

Where able incorporate media such as video and images to your content to provide a visual aspect to demonstrate your message further. A clear understanding of your content improves the likeliness of your users fully reading your text and is a good way to improve your content optimisation as opposed to other not making the efforts to do so. A page of text can seem quite bland and uninspiring and may not fully capture the attention of the audience you want to engage.

iConquer can take Responsibility for your Content Analysis

iConquer have experienced content analysers and copywriters who can identify flaws and quality issues with your content and recommend best practices for you to improve your page content.  We have professional writers to assist you in getting quality optimised content thoroughly researched for your website.