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Keyword Analysis

Identify the keywords that when ranking PG1 will convert into sales. Target keywords to attract quality traffic by ensuring the visitors buy from you or use your services thus increasing sales growth.

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Analysing & Identifying Keywords

There are many standalone software packages and websites online that can identify keywords. We prefer to use Google as majority of search engine traffic is delivered through Google and we find the keyword tool checker invaluable due to the exact traffic volumes shown for each targeted phrases per month. The keyword tool we utilise is Google Keyword Planner.

The Keyword Planner is a tool to identify relevant keywords based on criteria such as landing page, suggested keyword start-point, broadly related words and keywords which fall within a certain competitive score. The results produced by the tool are typically used to identify particular keywords which are more likely to not only to attract more customers when on page 1, but to also attract customers who are likely to be interested.

Choosing the Right Keywords to Target

By using the Google Keyword Planner we are able to compile a large list of keywords together based on different terms. Once we have this list of keywords compiled we filter the keywords with low-searches so we have the keywords which have much higher search volumes and from there we can then choose the most suitable relevant keywords to target quality traffic.

Sometimes it’s not always about choosing keywords just because of the high search volumes. If we feel a keyword is more likely to bring sales in than a keyword which has a higher search volume, we are more inclined to select this keyword.

In most cases the long-tail terms are easier to get ranking onto page one as they are less competitive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they do not have potential to attract visitors to your website.

The end result of bringing visitors into a website is to convert them to increase sales growth hence the keyword selection process is a vital component of the SEO campaign.

Utilising the Chosen Keywords

Once the best keywords are chosen to target for an SEO campaign, there are many techniques to be carried out to ensure your website is geared up towards targeted your selected keywords. We strategically place the key phrases in the right places and areas which you can learn more about through the pages coding analysis and content analysis.