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Link Building

Get links that have been extensively researched to ensure the quality is good for a Google SEO promotion. Understanding the parameters to follow on what Google need from a linking perspective to rank your website requires experience, dedication and wise old owls.

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Link Building
A good mixture of URL and keyword anchor text links together with follow and nofollow give a natural build up of links for your link profile. Despite what many people say, link building still remains a fundamental part of an SEO campaign for any company who wants to achieve page 1 rankings. Although the rules have changed for how links should be acquired, the weight which links carry for an SEO campaign is why link building is still provided as part of an SEO service.

Ethical vs Unethical Link Building

For many years since SEO became a mainstream source of Internet marketing, link building has always been utilised by SEO companies to improve website rankings. The way in which links were acquired by many optimisers is now seen by Google as unethical as they are capable of manipulating the search results which is seen as a violation of Google’s quality guidelines.

The way in which we acquire links for a website is by researching the best from websites ranking page one and from collating linking over a long period of time that keeps our clients ranking page one Google. The methods we use to build links for a website are within Google’s quality guidelines after many years of trialling and testing.

Using unethical techniques to build links for a website can result in a search engine penalty which can be applied manually or algorithmically which then requires an SEO recovery campaign to recover the websites rankings back to their original position. Being careless and rushing to achieve page one rankings is too risky as there are no short cuts if you want long term success in organic search.

Areas to Link From

The websites we use to link from are located through a long and strenuous process of analysing many different websites which are on page 1 for a large number of industries to locate websites which are of high quality and provide an opportunity to link from their website.

We are frequently looking for new websites to link from to ensure we never run out and should we find any sites in particular that we feel could lead to more sales for your business, we will pass this onto you to enquire about yourself.

Although there are many different ways links can be acquired, the most popular linking opportunities are:

  • Online web directories
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Guest blog posts
  • Text links on websites

Although excessive use of these types of links can be detrimental to a websites search engine rankings, we ensure we only use the best quality websites that provide these opportunities as these have a much lower chance of leading to a search engine penalty.