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Local SEO

Use Google local map listings to get your business found by people in your local area quick and easy! Never has it been easier to get targeted traffic from your local area thanks to Google’s latest local search updates.

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There once was a time when people would use offline directories, read classified ads and ask friends for recommendations to find local businesses; however this is no longer the case. Every year more people are turning to search engines to find local businesses for their requirements, which is why search engines are continuously improving the way they rank local businesses in their search results.
Local SEO

Who Can Target Local SEO

Whether you are an accountant, salon, hair dresser, driving school or gym, our local SEO campaign will provide you with everything which is required to rank your website in the SERPs for your chosen locations. Many different businesses can benefit from a local SEO campaign by making sure that the local listing they create for Google is well optimised.

We have worked with many local businesses with desired locations in mind and have improved their search engine rankings so their listing appears on page one, resulting in more customers than they were receiving previously.

Why Target Local SEO Keywords?

Google now automatically have their browsers set to local IP’s so people in your area when searching on Google will find business that are located close to them. Keywords with locations included have less competition than keywords which are focused on a national scale, which is why they are popular for smaller businesses. Every year the number of people searching for keywords with locations within the search query is increasing which is why more businesses are turning to local SEO to encourage their local customers to use their business.

It is also expected that because the people who find your website that are local to your business, they will be more likely to convert to a sale as opposed to someone found at the other side of the country. This means although you may generate less traffic than you would through targeting national SEO keywords, you are likely to produce more sales due to the traffic being a better quality.

What Our Local SEO Campaigns Provide

Every local SEO campaign we provide can differ depending on the requirements necessary; however a typical SEO campaign will cover the following amendments:

  • Keyword analysis to identify best keywords to target for your chosen locations
  • Improve your websites onsite SEO to target your chosen keywords
  • Creation of local pages on your website for your chosen locations
  • Creation of a Google map listing for your business and ensure well optimised
  • Submit your business to online local directories