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Media Optimisation

Have your images, videos and map listings appear on PG1 increasing the number of listings your website has on PG1 Google. Having multiple positions page one helps you corner the market and dominate your industry.

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Google has become better at providing the right information to a search query when needed by displaying images, videos and maps in the search results. To ensure your media displays for relative search queries requires specific techniques to be used to encourage Google to display your website over the competition.


Imagery can be a great way of providing some information to a person quickly and efficiently without having to spend a large budget in getting the image done. There are many different types of images that can be used which depend on the message you are trying to provide ranging from stock photos to comics.

Having imagery display on your website is a simple task, but to then ensure your images are indexed and displayed within Google results requires a range of tweaks to be made to your website. We will go through your website and identify where imagery exists and carry out the appropriate amendments to improve your images visibility, such as improving alt tags, file names and the positioning of the images.


When videos are visible and engage the end user, they can have a great impact on the number of visitors who convert into customers. To have your videos viewable in the search engines can improve your company profile, branding and trust factor but getting the message across in a professional way on the service you provide.

To ensure your videos are indexed correctly and displayed within Google’s search results for targeted keywords there are a few techniques that need to be implemented such as: ensuring your video player is implemented correctly, Google can access your video file and your website has a video XML sitemap to navigate.


Having a Google map listing for your business can have a great impact on attracting local customers to your website. To have your map listing display within the search results requires certain area of the Google local listing to be optimised correctly for your targeted keywords and business name.

We will set up a Google map listing for your business and ensure that both the design is in theme with your website and all the areas of the listing are optimised. Having the a well written description and having images, logo or video will improve the chances of your map listing appearing on page one Google when searches are done in your local area.