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SEO Training

Know the latest Google criteria to get your website ranking PG1. Learn about the onsite SEO techniques, content updates and linking strategies needed to compete in the organic search results on Google.

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Would you like to learn more about SEO but finding it difficult to trust the information available online? We understand the frustration this can lead to which is why we have put together various SEO training packages to help you learn the basics on SEO all the way up to the more advanced SEO techniques.

What’s the Difference between SEO Training and SEO Consultancy?

SEO training is a one off training session for you to learn what is required to optimise a website correctly to reach page one for targeted keywords. We have beginners and more advanced training classes. Alternatively our SEO consultancy service will provide you regular training and guidance on how to optimise your websites, as well as keep you updated on the latest SEO techniques introduced by Google.

SEO Training

What Our SEO Training Covers

Depending on your knowledge within the SEO industry will determine the level of SEO training classes you should apply for. We cover basic, intermediate and expertise training courses which will help you gain the confidence required to optimise your website to target page one on Google.

The SEO courses will cover the following information:

  • What is SEO?
  • How to analyse and choose keywords
  • How to merge your keywords into your website in various areas
  • How to acquire backlinks to your website
  • How to analyse the competition
  • How to identify areas that are causing you SEO issues
  • How to setup Google local
  • How to setup Google webmasters
  • Best practice to setup Google analytics
  • Plus much more depending on the training course you choose

Why take one of our SEO Training Course?

It is important as a business owner or the person who is responsible for the marketing of your website to be in-tune with Google’s latest updates and criteria needed to compete on page one. Even though you may outsource your SEO, it is important you understand what is being done to your website so you can monitor the techniques used are having a positive impact for your rankings.