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    Domain Sales

    Premium Domain Sales

    Having come up with a great idea for your website and pretty much sealed the deal with your branding strategy, the only thing that’s left to do is pick up the perfect domain name for your new web portal. At which point, you see the remarkable disparity in pricing between basic domains and premium domains.

    At one end of the spectrum, you have the somewhat generic domain names you can pick up for less than £10. At the opposite end, you see the kinds of domains that are selling for four, five, six or even seven figures.

    Literally – more than £10 million, simply for a string of five or fewer letters for your website.

    But what is it that makes a premium domain so desirable (and subsequently expensive)? Is it ever worth shelling out this kind of money simply for a domain, or are there better ways to allocate your digital spend?

    The Two Types of Premium Domains

    Premium domains fall within two categories – aftermarket premium domains and registry premium domains.

    Taking a look at aftermarket premium domains first, these are the domains that potentially start out fairly affordable and subsequently sell for astonishing sums of money. The most remarkable example in the history of the web being Voice.com, which after being registered in 2001 was subsequently sold for a whopping $30 million in 2019 – the highest price ever paid for a domain.

    Names like these are desirable because they are short, punchy, easy to remember and authoritative.

    The second type of premium domain is the registry premium domain, which is effectively a brand-new domain that has not been registered or sold yet. This is where whoever owns the domain deems it to be desirable for any specific reason, and allocates it an exceptionally high price accordingly.

    Registry premium domains likewise tend to be short, catchy and easy to remember, but could also leverage current trends and fads that might be used to jack up the price even further.

    Which Are the Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold?

    The current top rankings make for eye-opening reading to say the least, with absolutely extraordinary sums of money changing hands for nothing more than a few letters.

    This is how things currently stand at the time of writing:

    1. Voice.com $30 million
    2. 360.com $17 million
    3. Sex.com $13 million
    4. Fund.com $12 million
    5. Hotels.com $11 million
    6. Tesla.com $11 million
    7. Fb.com $8.5 million
    8. We.com $8 million

    With figures like these, there are clearly those who genuinely believe that pumping crazy sums of money into a premium domain name is a worthwhile investment. Short in length, easy to remember, highly brandable and SEO-friendly, they all share a long list of desirable characteristics.

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    But does this mean that the average business should genuinely consider sinking a sizeable proportion of its digital budget into something as simple as a domain name?

    It depends entirely on whom you ask and how much capital you have in your disposal.

    In terms of driving traffic, boosting brand recognition, building authority and generally enhancing overall performance, a premium domain can make a real difference. Nevertheless, the appropriateness or otherwise of a premium domain investment should be based on its potential ROI, and whether the revenues it generates will (eventually) augment the costs.



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