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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Having a website is one thing and receiving visitors is another, but to ensure that your visitors are actually using your website correctly is the most important part of owning a website.

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Our conversion rate optimisation service will provide you with useful feedback on how your website can be better designed and structured to improve the number of conversions you receive.

Why Feedback is often required

When designing a website many businesses attempt to follow the latest design trends as they assume this is the correct thing to do. Be aware that although these trends exist they may not always be appropriate for your target audience and could result in fewer conversions and higher bounce rate.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We go through your website and identify areas that can be further improved on that are likely to keep your visitors happier. Although sometimes the suggestions provided to make subtle changes may seem like nothing major, it can often be surprising how these changes can have a big impact on conversions made.

Suggestions can range from moving elements around a web page so they are more visible, to adding new elements such as contact forms and call to action buttons. The suggestions made will depend on how your website is designed, what your competitors are doing and what your target audience are likely to want, which can depend on age, gender and location.

How to Monitor the Success

To monitor how successful the changes are to your website, there are 2 methods that can be utilised:

  • A to B testing
  • Comparing to historical analytical data

By utilising A to B testing you will provide 2 different versions of your website to visitors which will allow you to track which version has the better success. This is best for when large changes must be made to a website as sometimes although the amendments may seem appropriate, they do not always work out.

Comparing to historical analytical data is appropriate for when small tweaks have been made to a website to see if a noticeable change occurs in the amount of people who are converting onsite.

We will advise you on the best method to take with your website and will assist you with analysing the data to ensure the conversion rate optimisation campaign has been a success for your business.