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Ecommerce Web Design

Ensure your buyers can navigate easily to the products they want to purchase providing smart navigation techniques and friendly display on all devices.

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Selling your products online should be an easy process, but it’s common for many businesses to make this an over complicated task. To give you the ability to list your products for your customers to purchase we recommend a number of different ecommerce systems available that can be set up with each having advantages when comparing one against the other.

Ecommerce Web Design

It is important than an ecommerce website is easy to navigate and purchase products from without becoming a strenuous task. It is also important that the website is mobile-friendly as it is becoming more popular for people to purchase products from multiple devices like mobiles, tabletsand various size computer monitors.

Recommended Ecommerce Platforms

Although there are a large number of ecommerce platforms available we mainly focus on a few of them that are search friendly and easy to update and navigate. Below are our recommendations:


Magento is a popular ecommerce platform which is utilised by some of the World’s leading brands. Although the admin panel can be somewhat daunting at first due to the many features that are provided by the platform,the user gets a friendly experience.

WordPress – WooCommerce

Although WordPress was originally created for blogging purposes,the platform has recently become much more and is a well respected platform by Google. With plugins such as WooCommerce it is now able to perform as an ecommerce platform which provides a user-friendly admin panel. WooCommerce makes updating the website easy and training anybody to use the admin an easy task.


Shopify is a relatively new name within the list of ecommerce platforms and has become a popular choice for small businesses who want to get a few products online. Shopify comes with a large choice of plugins to select from to further improve what your website offers and can be a great stepping stone towards a large ecommerce website. The disadvantages of Shopify would be the SEO aspect of not providing friendly URLs and having limited folder structures, although there are sites out there ranking on page one.