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Mobile Web Design

Make your website responsive and friendly as possible so it adjusts to all browsers and all devices to capitilise on conversions and engage in a quality user experience.

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Responsive website design takes web design one step further and gives a website the ability to manipulate the look of it when being viewed on a computer, tablet or mobile device. It is crucial that you provide your users the best experience with the aim to increase conversions which is why responsive web designs allow you to give any visitor the best user experience available.

Give your Mobile Users the Attention they Deserve

Responsive website design is becoming more popular all the time and for those who have not yet made the effort should be planning on having their site redesigned to provide all visitors easy navigation. By neglecting users who visit your website by saving money on design, results in loss of earnings through a higher bounce rate by people leaving your site as hard to navigate or purchase.

Not only is it important that you provide a great user experience, but it has become more important for SEO that your website is responsive. Google encourage website owners to convert their websites into responsive design in order to provide their users with a better experience and have hinted that it could help with a website search engine ranking.

Responsive Web Design

How Does Responsive Design Work?

Responsive design has only recently become available to web developers thanks to the latest web technologies, html5 and css3, which have opened up many doors for website designs. Although mobile website designs are nothing new, the way that responsive web designs are now handled is completely different.

Gone are the days of having to access the website through a different URL to receive a mobile friendly design, everything is now under one URL. This means your users no longer need to remember or be directed to two different URLs to access your website.

iConquer use the latest techniques available ensuring your website looks great on any device and loads up quickly so visitors are not waiting a long time for a site to load. Increasing speed is typically done by removing certain elements which may be unnecessary for a mobile user but useful for a computer and tablet user.

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